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Sufalam Technologies is an end-to-end digital transformation solutions provider having rich experience in the field of IT services & offshore development. Initially conceptualized as a full-service web development company, Sufalam Technologies diversified operations and began serving as a trustworthy & efficient digital transformation partner for leading global businesses, Fortune 500 companies, startups and government agencies across the globe.

Apt as the name Sufalam that means fruitful & best results, Sufalam Technologies assist organization in fulfilling their ambitions to transform business models and become more efficient, productive and agile in the dynamic global business environment. By providing comprehensive digital transformation services, enterprise mobility solutions, offshore product development services and cloud-based solutions, Sufalam Technologies have helped more than 600+ clients across the globe in delivering relevant business services according to complex needs of the end-consumers.

Sufalam's Philosophy

Sufalam Technologies believes not only in providing end-to-end solutions to the client but a delightful development experience by providing accurate & timely updates about the development process. Using a ROI-focused development approach, Sufalam Technology aims at fuelling client's growth prospects and ensuring acceptability of digital solutions among end-consumers.

Following a'bad news early' philosophy, Sufalam keeps a client informed about the development process through daily updates and take corrective actions even throughout the early stages of project development.

Sufalam's Vision

To become a reliable technology partner for global enterprises and help them in accelerating growth prospects using modern
digital technologies

Sufalam's Mission

Sufalam looks forward to changing how enterprises conduct business operations by providing relevant solutions for digital transformation to improve business productivity and accelerate growth.

Core Values

World-Class Quality

Firm Commitment

Open Communication

Expert Leadership with Rich Experience

in IT Industry

Sufalam Technologies is the brainchild of Mr. Pranav Thakker who has a remarkable experience in the IT industry. After completing his Masters in Computer Applications, Pranav worked with leading MNCs & IT firms in India on dynamic IT projects and solutions. Following his deep interest in computers & IT field and identifying the growing need of a comprehensive IT solutions firm, Pranav launched Sufalam Technologies as a web development company and transformed into a full-service digital transformation firm catering to the dynamic IT requirements in the global business landscape.

Why Choose Sufalam Tech?

10 Years of experience

Experienced Management & Development Team with 6+ years of Experience in IT industry

Client Focused Methodologies

Use of Agile Methodologies for Project Development

Timely Updates

Daily Project Updates & Weekly Demo Sessions for Quick & Timely Corrections and Superior End Results

Success through innovations

Focus on Continuous Innovation through Routine Investment in R&D for Cutting-edge Solutions

Seamless Deployment & Maintenance

Automatic Deployment & Quality Check Procedures using Modern DevOps Tools

Expertise in delivering large projects

Rich Experience of Delivering 600+ Projects to Leading Global Clients including Fortune 500 Companies, Govt. Agencies, Startups & Growing Businesses

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