Google to encourage development of Family friendly apps!

  • Recently in android developer blog announcement Google has launched “Designed for Families” program using which developers can designate their apps and games as family friendly. Since there are many android apps developers and companies who build variety of high quality … Continue reading

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Now Build Apps for FB Messenger, New Platform Launched by Facebook

  • Yesterday at F8 event, Facebook provided great news to Developers by launching Messenger Platform. Now developers can develop apps for Facebook Messenger, moreover businesses can create a separate channel on messenger to their clients to directly communicate with them for business … Continue reading

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Google introduces App Review Process, what it meant to be for app developers?

  • On March 17, 2015 Eunice Kim – Product Manager of Google Play announced on Android Developers Blog about manual app review process and a global content rating system. Prior to this Google was relying on automated review process to verify. … Continue reading

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How To Setup an eCommerce Store?

  • “Setting up an eCommerce store” would be a common dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. With easy accessibility to internet using broadband and 3G/4G internet services, eCommerce industry is booming! Variety of online payment options & specialized logistics services for eCommerce … Continue reading

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What is NoSQL? Why it’s gaining popularity?

  • NoSQL database acronym for Not Only SQL is used to identify database solutions which provide different approach to data storage than standard relational databases (query based). This NoSQL databases are in most cases doesn’t use relational model & runs well … Continue reading

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Build Scalable Web applications using CakePHP

  • There are many PHP frameworks available for developing web applications, but a lot of developers like to bake their application with CakePHP because of its amazing scalability and flexible features. CakePHP is a PHP web framework that lets you create … Continue reading

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HTML 5: Future of Enterprise mobility

  • The past year, 2014 has left us with so many clues as to how the future of Enterprise mobility will be and the role that HTML 5 will be playing in the development of Enterprise mobility apps seems to promising. … Continue reading

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Why WordPress is Best CMS for Online Marketing?

  • When it comes to the world of online marketing, companies need have a content management system (CMS) that works for them in order to increase their conversion, optimize their Search Engine presence, and successfully market their engaging content. In our … Continue reading

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