A short film “Seeds” by filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty using Google Glass – Shows how effective Google Glass can be to capture your memorable events

Google Glass is an interesting way to capture moments. It is a great way to showcase those special moments and can be captured instantly without much of the hassle. Recently, a 23 year old film maker Aneesh Chaganty made a small film of 2.30 minutes for mother’s day. It’s a fictional film but made with great enthusiasm. The film maker is a graduate of University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Google’s Glass Creative Collective gave the budget for the film. Aneesh wore the same clothes and wedding ring for two weeks. He claimed that complete care was taken for the privacy of the people. He claims that complete face was not shown of the people who were not aware that he was shooting. The film shows well known Indian actress Madhumani Palla. The film maker had to keep lots of battery back-up with him for the shooting. The film was shot in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and India.

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