Build Scalable Web applications using CakePHP

There are many PHP frameworks available for developing web applications, but a lot of

Why We Prefer CakePHP?

Build Scalable Web Applications Using CakePHP

developers like to bake their application with CakePHP because of its amazing scalability and flexible features. CakePHP is a PHP web framework that lets you create complex applications smoothly by making your work simpler.Here are some reasons that make CakePHP an amazing platform to rely upon for your business solutions.

Powerful components

Some of the awesome features of CakePHP include

  • Automatic code generation via Bake
  • Data sanitation
  • Integrated CRUD
  • Directory independent website development
  • In-built validation solution
  • Advanced security, session handling and authentication features.

Besides providing users with a set of powerful core components, CakePHP also allows extensions of these components and thereby help in creating dynamic web applications.

Building your scalable web application

CakePHP follows a MVC (Model –View- Controller) approach that lets you write applications with less coding and development efforts. It divides the construction of the software into three layers allowing developers to focus on their expertise rather than worry about redundant development hassles.

It makes the whole development process simpler. Besides reducing the coding efforts, this flexible architecture enables developers to write highly scalable applications.

CakePHPhas built-in support for ORM (Object Relational Mapping). CakePHP’s ORM implementations are based upon ActiveRecord and Datamapper patterns. When the ORM conventions are used in the development of your application the scalability and performance of your application can be dramatically improved.

These features also provide a very good extensibility to your applications. Adding new features and functionalities can be done without any hassle as MVC separates the business logic from the presentation logic.

Benefits of using CakePHP

As mentioned earlier, the powerful features combined with MVC model of CakePHP allow even novice programmers create excellent applications with ease. Some more benefits of using CakePHP are listed down here.

  • CakePHP has a great community support. Most of the problems faced by developers can be faced solved with the help of CakePHP’s Google Group.
  • It is compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5.
  • It greatly reduces the development time and allows for rapid application development.
  • Licensing can be very easy with its flexible options.CakePHP is itself an open source product under the MIT license.
  • Configuration of the product and Web service integration are made simpler.
  • Provides easy maintenance and deployment.
  • Horizontally scalable websites can be built easily.
  • Easily scalable when used with MySql or any other database.
  • Easy to develop applications that can handle multitasking.
  • Follows an object oriented approach enabling the reuse of code components.
  • Large pool of built in functionality.

With its powerful features and unmatched flexibility CakePHP provides the best solution at lowcost and low risk.It has the ability to handle all the demands of a full featured web application. Almost all types of web development solutions can be implemented using CakePHP.Get started with creating your performance oriented, highly scalable web apps in no time with CakePHP.

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