Google to encourage development of Family friendly apps!

Recently in android developer blog announcement Google has launched “Designed for Families” program using which developers can designate their apps and games as family friendly.

Google Family Friendly Apps

Google Family Friendly Apps – Photo Courtesy –

Since there are many android apps developers and companies who build variety of high quality age appropriate interactive apps for children which not only entertain and educate also, this move by Google will help these companies place their apps at specific place in Play Store such that it can be easily search and browse by parents. For placing your app in this section Google has introduced set of requirements which needs to be followed by the app developers properly.

Developers will have to opt-in for this feature from Google Play Developer Console. Google review team will check the apps against those defined guidelines and decide if the app is eligible for “designed for family program” or not.

Family Friendly Opt-in

Family Friendly Opt-in

Google is also going to introduce newer ways to promote family friendly content on Google play store very soon. This seems a good step by Google for promoting Android apps amongst home users!

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