Why WordPress is Best CMS for Online Marketing?

When it comes to the world of online marketing, companies need have a content

WordPress - Best CMS for Internet Marketing

WordPress – Best CMS for Internet Marketing

management system (CMS) that works for them in order to increase their conversion, optimize their Search Engine presence, and successfully market their engaging content. In our opinion, WordPress is simply the best CMS for digital marketing strategy. Read on to learn why.

Marketing Your Content

The ways in which WordPress is perfect for online marketing are many. To begin, WordPress was designed with content marketing in mind, meaning that with this platform, driving search engine visibility and building backlinks within your site is easy. WordPressallows you to continually add content and provide your audience consistently new and interesting information.

Content marketing is a proven digital marketing strategy many times over. Being able to produce and then easily share web content through Social Media platforms is the essence of modern marketing, and WordPress makes creating and sharing content easy. When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is more important than this aspect.

SEO Strategy

Similarly, WordPress drives search engine visibility through the use of targeted keywords and phrases within content. SEO (search engine optimization)is a breeze for content creators who use WordPress. Popular plugins such as Yoast allow for an easy, at-a-glance look at your SEO strength of each page and post. It also allows for you to customize the META description of the page you are creating, which is great considering that an accurate META description can often make or break a search engine result.

WordPress also eliminates content “bottlenecks” meaning that content will be created more often and will improve your search engine rankings. Having an easy SEO system in place makes it easier for customers and clients to find you and is hugely important when marketing your website online.

Utility Marketing

WordPress provides a wide variety of plug-ins (including association management system plugins like iMIS) which manage website membership and essentially build an online community of followers for your business.

Plugins such as these allow businesses to:

  • Offer scheduling and payment options for events
  • Sell merchandise to members
  • Easily manage members of their website
  • Build a virtual community of brand ambassadors.

These tools, combined with an already strong online marketing strategy, will turn you website into something of an online portal where your “community” of followers can access information.

This puts your website at the center of all the action within your community of online fans and followers. Via social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, fans will discuss and share your businesses content and general information, all of which links back to (and therefore advertises) your website. WordPress’ plugins play a huge part in growing your legion of loyal followers and effectively marketing your website.


Having a CMS such as WordPress also allows you to track conversion rates and obtain accurate information about how many visits to your website turn into sales. Plugins and analytics allow you to track what content gets the most “likes,” visits, or shares, which allows you to eliminate ineffective content on your site.

WordPress plugins also allow your web developers to create (and easily edit) callouts and calls to action, such as buttons, styled boxes, and a variety of other features. By tracking which of these call to actions work the most effectively on your site, you can easily shape your content around what is getting the most attention from consumers, therefore streamlining your digital marketing efforts.


By allowing for a flexibility, freedom, and first-rate content management, WordPress makes digital marketing easier than ever before. Easy-to-use interfaces and a variety of plugins allow you to effectively manage your SEO, conversion rates, and overall online presence. This makesWordress the number one choice when it comes to creating and maintaining a digital marketing strategy in 2015.

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